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Meet Debbie

Debbie’s career spans more than three decades, championing children, families and practitioners across the maintained, private and third sectors. From early nursery provision, through to training at FE and HE levels, Debbie’s child-centred, family-support-focused, approach has been at the heart of her roles locally, regionally and nationally.

Debbie’s experience includes roles such as, practitioner, leader, author, trainer, consultant, lecturer, researcher and facilitator, developing, delivering and reviewing and/or evaluating a range of projects. Debbie has enabled and empowered the use, and the development of reflective practice in order to support quality experiences for children, families and staff, through supportive interventions such as, training, team building, conferences, forums, parent/family support, new provision and CQI (Continuous Quality Improvement) programme’s.

Debbie is an active author, trainer and speaker on the subject of early years, early childhood and leadership, within the education sector. Debbie has particular interests in neuroscience, PSED, leadership, coaching/mentoring and reflective practice, and the roles these play in developing quality experiences for children, families and staff.

In January 2007, Debbie set up Stonegate Training. Our aim is to advocate quality experiences and provision for children, young people and families, alongside quality training experiences for the dedicated practitioners who work with them. Amongst other things, Debbie is accredited as a C4EO Early Years Sector Specialist and a qualified mentor. Debbie has written several books in this area and is currently researching the areas of vulnerability, diversity and inclusion for her forthcoming manuscript.

Debbie is an avid Twitter fan, and you can follow Debbie @stoneg8training

Published works

  • PSED & Neuroscience (Book) Published 2018
  • Performance Management in the Early Years (Book) Published 2017
  • Leadership for Quality (Book) Published 2010
  • Assessor Practice (NCB Course Booklet) Published 2009
  • Mentor Practice (NCB Course booklet) Published 2009
  • Music for year 1 (Practical Pre-School) Published 2009
  • Creativity (Practical Pre-School) Published 2009
  • Complementary Therapy (Practical Pre-school) Published 2009
  • Children’s Rights (Practical Pre-School) Published 2008
  • Partnership with Parents (Practical Pre-School) Published 2008
  • Risk and challenge (Practical Preschool/EYE) Published 2007
  • Risk and challenge (2nd article) Published 2007
  • LQA Domestic Violence/Family Support Modules Published 2007
  • Generic Mentor Training Published 2006
  • LQA Framework (Leeds Quality Assurance) Published 2001

The following are some examples of roles, skills, knowledge and experiences:

  • QA/CQI development/design C4EO Sector Specialist
  • NPQICL Tutor Voluntary sector roles
  • National roles Author in Leadership & Management
  • Training development/design/delivery EYP Assessor/Mentor
  • NCB Associate: Lead Trainer Gypsy/Traveller family support
  • Safeguarding training FE/HE teaching in early childhood
  • SEN/Disability Multi-agency Working
  • LA Manager Domestic Violence support Committee Member Private sector manager Playwork/OSC/Holiday Club Network Childminders Support
  • LA Consultant HR/Recruitment and staffing
  • Parent Partnership Meeting OfSTED/SEF requirements
  • Mentoring/Coaching Equality training
  • National perspective Adult teaching qualifications
  • Vulnerable families support
  • Extensive knowledge of EYFS
  • Early childhood research/theory Leadership/management theory

Whilst, this is not an exhaustive list it showcases the depth and breadth of the skills, knowledge and experience that underpin Stonegate Training.

Debbie has practical, operational and leadership/management experience in a range of settings, as well as strategic, development and support roles within LA’s, private and voluntary sectors. Alongside this, there is also consultancy roles where we have supported projects, training and developments or quality initiatives.