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Our Approach

Since our creation in 2007, ST have trained over 25,000 delegates, across the UK and Ireland, in developing quality practice for early childhood practitioners. ST has a wealth of experience at delivering training to meet the needs of the target audience. Much of our training is designed to be multi-faceted and suitable for a range of levels. ST has developed, designed and delivered a range of training programmes, conferences and workshops at all levels and this has included:

  • Childminders
  • All types of group-based setting practitioners
  • Out of school and holiday club staff
  • Teachers and school staff
  • Early years professionals (EYP’s)
  • Leaders and managers of group based settings
  • Children’s Centre leaders and managers
  • Local Authority officers/consultants
  • Multi-agency teams
    • NHS
    • Social Care
    • Housing

Stonegate Training programmes are designed to be flexible and responsive to the needs of the audience on the day. For example, because our programmes follow the structure as detailed below and include an element of exploration of own experiences, this means that our trainers can respond appropriately and flexibly. Similarly, because our training is grounded in current research, theory and good practice, this allows us to share this knowledge to challenge inappropriate comments or lack of knowledge appropriately, and in a supportive environment. In this way, delegates can reflective on their own (and others) practice and consider ways of improving the experiences they provide for children, parents and staff. This supportive and compassionate style of delivery allows for an inclusive environment in which all delegates feel able to participate and learn.

Research shows that learning and development is linked to emotions. We know that in order for the neo-cortex part of the brain to become engaged in learning, the RAS filter and limbic parts of the brain need to feel safe and secure, be motivated and interested and that the context of learning has to be relevant. Therefore, Stonegate Training uses our experiences in a wide range of early childhood situations to bring examples, scenarios and stories to the training to bring the training to life, encourage engagement and add a realism to delegates’ experiences

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